Peter's gift

Grandfather brought a gift to Peter.
Ha had just come from Finland to spend Christmas with  his son’s family: a wife and three children.
Peter was the elder, and, deep into Grandfather’s hearth, was his favourite. Why? Because Grandfather had spent his life studying Natural Sciences and Peter, when he met Grandfather, spent all their time asking Information about natural sciences. No doubt, he would become a scientist  as soon as possible.
Grandfather was sorry for having brought very simple toys to the children: he had had very little time to leave.Furthermore, since his beloved wife had died, filling luggage and reading  timetables, all tasks to add to his teaching duties, were a real  hell for him.
Peter received a snow globe containing a wood and a elf.
Of course it was not a real elf, because  Finnish respect elfs too much to copy a real elf and put him into a snow globe.
Among the wood and blizzard of snow, inside the globe there was a kind of Disney’s Peter Pan, with  a larger face and longer years to make him a little bit similar to a real elf.
The evening was full of joy for all the family.
The three adults discussed the strange fact that december was almost beginning and the trees were still covered with all their beautiful deep green leaves, while the area where they  lived was famous because of the foliage, and visited by tourists, the wonderful colours,  yellow, brown, red, orange, all mixed together  while the leaves  gradually let chlorophyl  retire down and down towards  the plant’s roots.
Peter was alreading falling to sleep as he heard some talk coming from downstairs.
He said” good night!” to Peter Pan, whom he had placed on the table next to his bed. Then he was waken up by moon rays crossing his bed. The house was  wonderfully silent. He opened the curtain and saw a shining full moon, made even more brilliant by the night wind.
Peter looked at the green leaves on the big hackmatack in front of his window, and,  higher, towards the top of the tree, a creature with a brush dropping paint was decorating with vertical beautiful stripes the needles of the tree. Then his brush was moist wth a beautiful red, and the orange, dark   red, brown. The stripes he painted on the tree were all different  from each other. A moon ray touched the elf’s eyes and they were happy, shining,  wide. From his cap, long curled red hair played with the wind.
Peter ran to his snow globe: the wood inside looked cosier, but that  Peter Pan wasn’t trapped in there any more! He looked again at the creature: he was sticking to the trunk of  the tree and looked as brownish as it. He became slowly transparent, until the entered into the tree and vanished.
Peter closed the curtain, Peter Pan was still in his place, and he was feeling blessed  by a miracle. He had  doubtless seen a elf ,
Next morning, the tree was a wondrous example of coloured foliage.Peter was sure that   Grandfather would have believed in the tale of his adventure.

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